Paragliding - Mont Blanc Summit Launch Site

The two most common routes are either: by the tramway du Mont Blanc and le Dome de Gouter; or by the Aiguille du Midi and then les 3 Monts. Consult a mountain guide or mountaineering guide book for more information on the routes to climb. Launching from the Mont Blanc is strictly forbidden in July and August.

This is a high mountain, para-alpinism launch, and as such is extremely demanding. It is for experienced mountaineers only and requires extensive preparation and excellent analysis of the conditions. Remember that your ability to make good judgements will be reduced by the altitude, lack of oxygen and fatigue. Taking a guide who is also a paragliding instructor will ensure that you have the best chance of succeeding on this itinerary. You must always be prepared to descend on foot.

North East to South West, this launch should not be undertaken in winds exceeding 20km/h at 4000m. The take off is impossible in Westerly winds. Anticyclonic conditions with a light Northerly, Easterly or South Westerly wind present the best conditions.
Altitude: 4810m. Vertical drop: 4000m.

As a para-alpinism itinerary, there are many dangers inherent in the approach and take off. It is highly recommended to take a guide who is a paragliding instructor. The flight will take around 45mins of descent and therefore it is essential that all conditions are well considered: clouds, valley winds, thermal conditions, the direction and strength of air masses that you will encounter… to name a few.

Bois du Bouchet, Passy-Marlioz and Passy-Chedde are the easiest to access, however all official Mont Blanc region landing fields are accessible.

Click on the links below for guides to specific sites:

Launch sites:
  • Aiguille du Midi (Chamonix)
  • Flégère/Index (Chamonix)
  • Grand-Montets (Chamonix)
  • Grand Prarion (les Houches)
  • Merlet (les Houches)
  • Mont Blanc Summit
  • Passy-Plaine Joux (Passy)
  • Plan de l’Aiguille (Chamonix)
  • Planpraz (Chamonix)
  • Prarion N/E (les Houches)

  • Landing sites:
  • Bois du Bouchet (Chamonix)
  • Les Chavants (les Houches)
  • Passy-Chedde (Passy)
  • Passy-Marlioz (Passy)
  • Savoy (Chamonix)
  • The Cachet Gravel Pits (Chamonix)