Climbing - Cold des Montets - Bouldering

Bouldering is a particular style of rock climbing where traditionally we use much less equipment. The routes are always short, and you rely on your climbing buddies and the crash pad for security, rather than a harness and cord. Your buddies (spotters) reach up towards you, in the aim of breaking your fall before you land on the crash pad below you. It’s lots of fun but can be a lot more difficult than it seems! Start slowly and build your confidence as your technique improves.

The Col des Montets is another easily accessible area. The boulders are situated close to the road, and just 200m from the Aiguilles Rouges visitors centre that is right on the top of the Col des Montets pass. From Chamonix, head up the valley towards Vallorcine. You will get onto a long winding road heading to the top of the pass, and you will see the car park on the right and the signs indicating the visitors centre. The boulders are opposite the car park. This area can be very busy in the summer. There is another (more difficult) bouldering area on the other side of the pass.

As you come from the car park, you will see a couple of boulders off to the right, and a few more off to the left, beside the river. There is also a boulder almost directly in front of the car park, a little way in. This is probably the best place to start if you are new to bouldering as the rock has a good angle to it and there are a few different routes graded from 2b – 5c. The boulders in the rest of the area are extremely varied and there is something for climbers of all levels to enjoy, including some really challenging problems for confirmed climbers to tackle.