Chamonix Walking Guide

The Chamonix Valley is incredibly picturesque and you don't need to be a rugged alpinist weighed down with ropes, crampons and GoreTex to enjoy the middle mountain and valley floor walks in and around Chamonix. The sort of gear you need for a walk depends on the weather forecast, where you're planning to go and the duration of the walk, but in general you should think about:

  • Clothing - Remember the weather can turn quickly in the mountains, so be prepared for a rain shower or storm. Of course, walking uphill seriously warms you up and then you cool down, so make sure you layer up with walking shirt, gilets and fleeces, so you can add or remove a layer easily. Don't forget a decent pair of walking boots it a great investment too.
  • First Aid/Emergency Kit - You should always carry a survival blanket with you as accidents can happen on the most sedate walk, or you could come across another walker who needs help. Compeed blister pads will always come in useful too.
  • Food and Drink - Once again, depending on where you're going, you might be able to enjoy some tasty Savoyard treats in a refuge, but even if this is your plan you should always make sure you have at least a couple of energy bars and plenty of liquids on board. The best thing to have is a Camelback water pouch type system.
  • Maps - Even if you think you know the area well, you should always have at least a valley map with you, a guide book or an IGN map.
  • Miscellaneous Items - These are pretty much personal preference, but we recommend a camera, a mobile phone complete with emergency contact numbers, sun cream, lip balm and money.

ChamonixInfo has invited Chamonix resident Natalie Jennings to describe a couple of her favourite walks in the valley to start you off. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for the links to four superb walks in the Chamonix valley.

Natalie, who has just published her first book 'Mont Blanc Wanderings' is a languages graduate who first came to Chamonix in 1999 to visit a friend and like many, never quite managed to leave. Passionate about hiking, trekking, walking and being in the fresh air (she is from Wales afterall!), Natalie has written her book to share some of her very favourite walks.

The book, which is available to buy online includes hints and tips about such things as where to find the tastiest blueberries, spot marmots and encounter wild Chamois.

Click below to find out more about the walks