Buses Between Geneva Airport and Chamonix

Because of its central position, it is easy to take a bus between Chamonix and Geneva airport, but the journey takes about two hours. Please note that (shared) transfers can be a faster and cheaper option to get to and from the airport. See our ‘shared airport transfers to Chamonix’ section for more info.

For more information and reservations you can visit the SAT office at the Chamonix Train station, call +33 450 530 115, or go to www.sat-montblanc.com.

Prices (in Euros)

  One way Return
From Cham or Les Houches 33€ 55€
From Le Fayet 31€ 52€

Timetable from 02/07/2011 to 04/09/2011


Ask for the stops in le Fayet, Les Houches and Chamonix Sud on boarding in Geneva.
Return must be booked 24 hours before departure.